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Global Strategy for the Ex Situ Conservation of Lentil (Lens Miller)

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The current status of Lens ex situ genetic resources was assessed via a survey sent to the major lentil collections, meetings bringing together researchers and curators of Lens germplasm, database searching, and communications with relevant scientists and experts. Collection composition, facility status, regeneration needs, safety duplication status, information and documentation status, and status of accessibility of germplasm is presented based upon the gat vhered information. Gaps in the world collection of lentil, improved utilization of Lens germplasm, training, partnerships, and networks related to lentil are surveyed. Collection information is currently insufficient for many collections identified in the Strategy, and other collections potentially containing lentil germplasm remain to be verified. From the available information, key collections containing important lentil accessions and meeting international standards for conservation, information, and availability are highlighted. Collections holding priority germplasm and identified as in need of assistance to come to meet full international standards with respect to maintenance, documentation, and/or distribution are also identified. Other collections holding unique germplasm of Lens are also highlighted for further investigation. These collections form the basis for a rational global conservation system for lentil and its wild relatives, and the international community should consider supporting the holding institutions in order to ensure the long-term conservation, information availability, and distribution of these globally important resources. 3

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