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IKey + : A New Single-Access Key Generation Web Service

Thomas Burguiere, Florian Causse, Visotheary Ung, RĂ©gine Vignes-Lebbe
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Journal Article
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Single-access keys are amajor tool for biologistswhoneed toidentify specimens.The construction process of these keys is particularly complex (especially if the input data set is large) so having an automatic single-access key generation tool is essential. As part of the European project ViBRANT, our aim was to develop such a tool as a web service, thus allowing end-users to integrate it directly into theirworkflow. IKey+ generates single-access keys on demand, for single users or research institutions. It receives user input data (using the standard SDD format), accepts several key-generation parameters (affecting the key topology and representation), and supports several output formats. IKey+ is freely available (sources and binary packages) at www.identificationkey.fr. Furthermore, it is deployed on our server and can be queried (for testing purposes) through a simple web client also available at www.identificationkey.fr (last accessed 13 August 2012). Finally, a client plugin will be integrated to the Scratchpads biodiversity networking tool (scratchpads.eu).

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