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Modelos de distribución de especies y su aplicación para la gestión de territorio

Cajo Danilo Yánez Cajo Danilo Yánez Cajo
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Conference Proceedings
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Modeling was performed for the species Triatoma dimidiata, Chagas disease vector, through the application of four ecological modeling techniques: Logistic regression, DOMAIN, BIOCLIM and Maxent, which were evaluated using the statistical test that determined AUC ecological model that best fits the bioclimatic skills areas where the species is distributed. As the logistic regression showed higher specificity (0.8), it was used to make a distribution of ranks in order to assign categorical values determining the area with greater suitability for the presence of the species. We also performed an application of this model for the management of land as a tool of medical entomology, using the geographical area with very high suitability as a limit within which are the rural villages where you should make compañas prevention to avoid massive infection of this disease.

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