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Neolovenula alluaudi (Guerne and Richard, 1890) (Calanoida: Diaptomidae: Paradiaptominae): first record in Italy and review of geographical distribution

Giuseppe Alfonso, Genuario Belmonte
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Journal Article
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As part of recent limnological campaigns in Puglia region (South-Eastern Italy), 217 temporary and permanent ponds were studied. The diaptomid calanoid copepod Neolovenula alluaudi (Guerne and Richard, 1890) was collected in eight of these ponds. These findings represent the first record of the species in Italy. Morphological features are provided with original drawings, which are compared with currently available descriptions. Environmental variables were recorded in order to provide information on the ecological preferenda of the species in its Italian occurrence sites; in addition, the co-occurring crustacean fauna was identified and reported for each pond. A review of the available literature allowed us to determine more accurately the chorology of the species and to propose a biogeo- graphical hypothesis concerning its distribution. An updated map of the species’ distribution including the new Italian sites is presented and we provide evidence to support the idea that the current chorotype of N. alluaudi is the result of an association of the Saharan and Turanic-European-Mediterranean chorotypes.

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