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Notes on the Chilean geographic distribution of several vascular plant species

Simon Pfanzelt, Carolina GarcĂ­a, Alicia Marticorena
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Journal Article
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New collections extend the Chilean geographic distributions of five native and one endemic vascular plant species: Coriaria ruscifolia L. (Coriariaceae), Fascicularia bicolor (Ruiz and Pav.) Mez subsp. canaliculata E.C. Nelson and Zizka (Bromeliaceae), Drapetes muscosus Lam. (Thymelaeaceae), Phyllachne uliginosa J.R. Forst. and G. Forst (Stylidiaceae), Saxifragella bicuspidata (Hook.f.) Engl., and Saxifragodes albowiana (Kurtz ex Albov) D.M. Moore (both Saxifragaceae). Species descriptions, distribution maps, and figures are presented. Distribution patterns are discussed in light of biogeographic implications.

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