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OpenUp! Creating a cross-domain pipeline for natural history data

Walter G. Berendsohn, Anton G√ľntsch
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Journal Article
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Multimedia data held by Natural History Museums and Universities are presently not readily accessible, even within the natural history community itself. Te EU project OpenUp! is an effort to mobilise scien- tific biological multimedia resources and open them to a wider audience using the EUROPEANA data standards and portal. Te connection between natural history and EUROPEANA is accomplished using well established BioCASe and GBIF technologies. Tis is complemented with a system for data quality control, data transformation and semantic enrichment. With this approach, OpenUp! will provide at least 1,1 Million multimedia objects to EUROPEANA by 2014. Its lean infrastructure is sustainable within the natural history community and will remain functional and effective in the post-project phase.

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