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An overview of biodiversity informatics with special reference to plant genetic resources

R.C. Agrawal, Sunil Archak, R.K. Tyagi
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Journal Article
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The ever-increasing significance of biodiversity conservation and advancements in computer technology for digitization and management of data have catapulted biodiversity informatics into limelight. Biodi- versity informatics enhances the efficiency of biodiversity management by researchers, policy makers, and funding agencies. Plant genetic resources (PGR) are a key component of biodiversity as they have a direct bearing on food and nutritional security. As a result, PGR informatics that specifically deals with agro-biodiversity needs greater patronage. This overview describes the state of biodiversity informatics with special reference to PGR informatics. The aim of this review is to generate awareness about the existing biodiversity information systems and to stimulate initiatives from all the concerned to frame a comprehensive action plan for developing biodiversity informatics in gene-rich countries with a special reference to India. 

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