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On the presence and distribution of the Gulf sand gecko, Pseudoceramodactylus khobarensis Haas, 1957 (Reptilia: Squamata: Gekkonidae) in Qatar

Aitor Valdeón, Aurora M. Castilla, Dan Cogalniceaunu, Alberto Gosá, Ali Alkuwary, Essam O. H. Saifelnasr, Elsa Naumann, Paloma Mas-Peinado, Renee Richer, Ahmad Amer Mohd Al-Hemaidi
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Journal Article
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The Gulf sand gecko (Pseudoceramodactylus khobarensis Haas, 1957) is a nocturnal gecko endemic to the Arabian Gulf countries. In this study we report the presence of this species in Qatar for the first time. Our findings bridge one of the current geographic gaps in the known distribution range of this species. In Qatar, the species has been found on the mainland and on two islands occupying coastal salty habitats with shrubs. The islands are the smallest where this species is known to occur. We believe that this gecko species is more widely distributed in Qatar than we report here and that an extensive inventory is required to map the full range of the species in Qatar and also in other countries of the Arabian Gulf.

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