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Revision of the North American Species of Grindelia (Asteraceae)

Adriana Bartoli, Roberto D. Tortosa
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Journal Article
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A revision of North American species of the genus Grindelia Willd. (Asteraceae) was carried out. Forty-one species, 10 varieties, and two forms are recognized, and a key is given. The following new combinations are made: G. fastigiata Greene var. revoluta (Steyerm.) Adr. Bartoli & Tortosa [[G. revoluta Steyerm.], G. hirtella (B. L. Rob. & Greenm.) Adr. Bartoli & Tortosa [[ G. squarrosa (Pursh) Dunal var. hirtella B. L. Rob. & Greenm.], G. humilis Hook. & Arn. var. platyphylla (Greene) Adr. Bartoli & Tortosa [[ G. robusta Nutt. var. platyphylla Greene], G. lanceolata Nutt. var. subincisa (Greene) Adr. Bartoli & Tortosa [[ G. subincisa Greene], G. leptocarpa (De Jong & Beaman) Adr. Bartoli & Tortosa [[ Olivaea leptocarpa De Jong & Beaman], G. squarrosa f. pseudopinnatifida (D. Lo¨ve & J.-P. Bernard) Adr. Bartoli & Tortosa [[G. perennis A. Nelson f. pseudopinnatifida D. Lo¨ve & J.-P. Bernard], G. squarrosa var. eligulata (Steyerm.) Adr. Bartoli & Tortosa [[ G. oxylepis Greene var. eligulata Steyerm.], and G. tricuspis (Sch. Bip.) Adr. Bartoli & Tortosa [[ O. tricuspis Sch. Bip.]. Aster glutinosus Cav. is proposed as lectotype for the genus Demetria Lag. and a neotype is designated for D. spathulata Lag. The following names are lectotypified: G. inuloides Willd., G. lanceolata, G. nana Nutt., G. nana var. integrifolia Nutt., G. platylepis Greene, G. subincisa [[ G. lanceolata var. subincisa], and G. texana Scheele [[G. lanceolata var. texana (Scheele) Shinners]. Seventeen taxa are illustrated for the first time.

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