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Rockroses and Boletus edulis ectomycorrhizal association: realized niche and climatic suitability in Spain

Rafael Alonso Ponce, Beatriz Águeda, Teresa Ágreda, María Pilar Modrego, Jorge Aldea, Luz Marina Fernández-toirán, Fernando MartÍnez-peña
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Journal Article
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The ectomycorrhizal association between Cistus ladanifer and Boletus edulis is a productive relationship due to the economic value of the fungus and the role of the plant in the protection and restoration of areas heavily affected by fires. This study aims to define the realized niche of B. edulis and to predict its distribution in peninsular Spain, using species distribution models based on climatic variables and corrected under lithological criteria. Parameters have been obtained from various sources including models for climatic estimation and 19 sites where B. edulis sporocarps are sure to fruit in pure C. ladanifer scrublands. The climatic niche is mesothermal, Mediterranean and humid. Soils are strongly acid, with loam texture, low in organic matter and in an oligotrophic mull form. According to the presence/expected curve 16.3 % of the potential area is considered to be optimal and most of the suitable territory is within the Castilla y León region. Fungal spatial distribution models are reliable tools for managing these scrublands in western Spain.

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