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Seward Peninsula - Nulato Hills - Kotzebue Lowlands Rapid Ecoregional Assessment Final Memorandum I-2-C

Patrick Crist, Keith Boggs
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Rapid Ecoregional Assessments (REAs) are the first step in the Bureau‘s Landscape Approach. REAs are intended to synthesize existing knowledge and information applicable to all lands and waters within the ecoregion. This synthesis aims to inform subsequent decision making, implementation, and monitoring by BLM and partners within the ecoregion, and should interact with ongoing scientific research as a foundation for science-based land management. REAs are organized into a series of phases and component tasks. Phase 1 includes tasks that clarify the scope, expected data and analysis approaches to be used, and culminating in a detailed workplan for the assessment. Phase 2 completes the preparation of data, conducts agreed-upon analyses, and documents assessment results. This memorandum summarizes the work, decisions, and remaining issues to be resolved for Task 2, Phase 1 for the Seward Peninsula–Nulato Hills–Kotzebue Sound Lowlands (SNK) Ecoregion. Here we conduct the assessment of data availability and quality representing the candidate conservation elements and change agents needed to answer the management questions. This memorandum is the final version (I-2- C) which has been revised and finalized by incorporating comments provided at AMT Workshop 2 or submitted separately to BLM.

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