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Spore-Bearing Vascular Plants: Identification Keys For Use In The Intermountain Region Of Western North America

Barkworth Mary E. Barkworth Mary E. Barkworth
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Working Paper
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This treatment is a derivative work. I have prepared it for use in teaching plant taxonomy at the Logan Campus of Utah State University. It makes available a treatment of the spore-bearing plants of the Intermountain Region that reflects current taxonomic opinion and direct users to works that provide detailed descriptions and illustrations of the species. Geographic scope: For the purposes of this treatment, the Intermountain Region is interpreted to include the region treated by Cronquist et al. (1973) plus the southern tip of Nevada. Decisions as to which species to include are based on three primary sources, volume 1 of the Intermountain Flora (Cronquist et al. 1972), volume 2 of the Flora of North America north of Mexico (Flora of North America Editorial Committee 1993), and edition 4 of A Utah Flora (Welsh et al. 2008). In addition, I have included several species that are grown in the greenhouse of the Logan Campus of Utah State University so as to make it more useful in teaching plant taxonomy

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