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Yet Another, But This Time Realistic, Polar Synthesis, Meta-Analysis, and Outlook: Protecting Ice, Snow, People, Species, Habitats, and Global Temperatures for Good?

Huettmann Falk Huettmann Falk Huettmann
Falk Huettmann
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A celebrated keynote speaker who researches subarctic watershed management and climate change issues referred, in his invited keynote speech at the esteemed Society of Conservation Biology (SCB) conference, held in July 2010 in Alberta, Canada, to politicians as “spineless bastards.” A big “awhh” went through the international audience. How did it come to such disrespect, lack of trust, and openly stated disagreement? Is our public and federated governance system, the social contract, broken for good? Before we address these important questions, let us first try to get at it from another angle and focus briefly on the day-to-day conservation practitioner. If the reader allows, let me start by providing a wider context, a short reasoning and excursion about why many of the contributors of this book and beyond do what they do, and what drives this book and numerous scientific efforts.

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