Biodiversity news

On this page NLBIF presents a selection of national and international biodiversity news, originating from news-feeds from major news sites and scientific publishers. Messages are being filtered using keywords such as biodiversity, nature and species. Duplication of information does occurre occasionally.

  • Soil biodiversity and human health

    23 / 11 / 2015, Nature - Current issues

    Soil biodiversity is increasingly recognized as providing benefits to human health because it can suppress disease-causing soil organisms and provide clean air, water and food. Poor land-...

  • Thermal biases and vulnerability to warming in the world’s marine fauna

    11 / 11 / 2015, Nature - Current issues

    A critical assumption underlying projections of biodiversity change associated with global warming is that ecological communities comprise balanced mixes of warm-affinity and cool-affinity species...

  • Climate change: A rewired food web

    04 / 11 / 2015, Nature - Current issues

    Climate change is causing large fish species to move into arctic marine environments. A network analysis finds that these fishes, with their generalist diets, add links to the existing food web...

  • Biodiversity increases the resistance of ecosystem productivity to climate extremes

    14 / 10 / 2015, Nature - Current issues

    It remains unclear whether biodiversity buffers ecosystems against climate extremes, which are becoming increasingly frequent worldwide. Early results suggested that the ecosystem productivity of...

  • Nicaragua: Biodiversity on canal route already at risk

    02 / 09 / 2015, Nature - Current issues

    The Nicaraguan government is reviewing an environmental and social impact study for a proposed 300-kilometre canal to connect the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. As members of the specialist team who...

  • Offsets: Factor failure into protected areas

    02 / 09 / 2015, Nature - Current issues

    Martine Maron and colleagues assume that a nation's commitment to establishing protected areas of biodiversity provides a suitable baseline for determining the “additionality” of any offset...

  • Offsets: Conservation served by flexibility

    26 / 08 / 2015, Nature - Current issues

    The debate over whether national protected areas are eligible for biodiversity-offset funding should factor in the different challenges and contexts for countries seeking to conserve their...

  • Biodiversity: Multiple origins of mountain life

    12 / 08 / 2015, Nature - Current issues

    A study of DNA sequences from more than 1,800 organisms on Mount Kinabalu in Borneo reveals the evolutionary mechanisms that led to the mountain's high and unique biodiversity. See Letter p.347...

  • Evolution of endemism on a young tropical mountain

    12 / 08 / 2015, Nature - Current issues

    Tropical mountains are hot spots of biodiversity and endemism, but the evolutionary origins of their unique biotas are poorly understood. In varying degrees, local and regional extinction, long-...

  • Clarification

    05 / 08 / 2015, Nature - Current issues

    The Comment 'Agree on biodiversity metrics to track from space' (A. K.Skidmoreet al. Nature523, 403–405; 2015 ) referred to Copernicus as a European Space Agency (ESA) initiative. In fact, it is a...