Biodiversity news

On this page NLBIF presents a selection of national and international biodiversity news, originating from news-feeds from major news sites and scientific publishers. Messages are being filtered using keywords such as biodiversity, nature and species. Duplication of information does occurre occasionally.

  • Belowground biodiversity and ecosystem functioning

    26 / 11 / 2014, Nature - Current issues

    Evidence is mounting that the immense diversity of microorganisms and animals that live belowground contributes significantly to shaping aboveground biodiversity and the functioning of terrestrial...

  • Conservation genetics: Leopard-skin origins traced

    19 / 11 / 2014, Nature - Current issues

    DNA analysis can reveal the origins of products from endangered species, which could help to curb illegal trade.Such goods are often seized far from their origins, making it hard to know where to...

  • Global protected area expansion is compromised by projected land-use and parochialism

    14 / 11 / 2014, Nature - Current issues

    Protected areas are one of the main tools for halting the continuing global biodiversity crisis caused by habitat loss, fragmentation and other anthropogenic pressures. According to the Aichi...

  • India: Endangered species damned by dams

    05 / 11 / 2014, Nature - Current issues

    Hydroelectric projects in India's Eastern Himalayas risk damaging this world biodiversity hot spot, which is home to many endangered species. Government agencies should scrupulously assess the...

  • Selection for niche differentiation in plant communities increases biodiversity effects

    15 / 10 / 2014, Nature - Current issues

    In experimental plant communities, relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning have been found to strengthen over time, a fact often attributed to increased resource...

  • Conservation: Sanctions derail wildlife protection

    15 / 10 / 2014, Nature - Current issues

    Blanket economic sanctions on politically unstable regimes that are rich in biodiversity deny local people access to international funding for wildlife conservation and management (see A.Waldronet...

  • Island biogeography of the Anthropocene

    24 / 09 / 2014, Nature - Current issues

    For centuries, biogeographers have examined the factors that produce patterns of biodiversity across regions. The study of islands has proved particularly fruitful and has led to the theory that...

  • Aquarium trade: Monitor Brazil's fish sampling closely

    17 / 09 / 2014, Nature - Current issues

    Brazil's aquaculture and fisheries secretary decreed last month that 2,000 different species of ornamental fish can be legally removed from the Brazilian Amazon. The fish will be farmed to supply...

  • A global strategy for road building

    27 / 08 / 2014, Nature - Current issues

    The number and extent of roads will expand dramatically this century. Globally, at least 25 million kilometres of new roads are anticipated by 2050; a 60% increase in the total length of roads...

  • Books in brief

    23 / 07 / 2014, Nature - Current issues

    When Nature's former news editor Gaia Vince set off on a two-year, six-continent trek, her aim was inspired: to explore empirically, amid biodiversity collapse and global climate change, how the...