NLBIF maintains a database in which all major Dutch biodiversity data owning organisations are represented. Information is stored on the nature and objectives of the organisation as well as their basic contact information and whether they provide data to GBIF or not. In due time organisations can provide meta-data about the datasets that they own in the same database. Dutch organisations that want to be part of this database, or want to change the current information on their organisation, should contact: NLBIF info.

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  • Arboretum Schovenhorst

    Arboretum / pinetum

    The forests and tree collections at Schovenhorst are unique remnants from a period of searching and experimenting to find suitable trees for Dutch forestry. Propagation of this knowledge has always...

  • Arboretum Tree Nursery Albert Leemreize

    Arboretum / pinetum

    The Arboretum Tree Nursery Albert Leemreize is set up to acquire knowledge and material for use in the tree nursery and for display to nursery customers and any people interested. There are 231...

  • Ark

    Green consultancy

    ARK develops new landscapes in which nature has full freedom. Freedom for brooks and rivers to flow as they like. Freedom for roaming herds of horse, cattle and red deer, in rich grassland and forest...

  • Artis Zoo Amsterdam

    Zoo / aquarium

    In Artis about 9600 animals from 700 different species can be found. Most of them are invertebrates: About 4000 insects and spiders. 250 species of birds and mammals are living in Artis, 1400 animals...

  • Barenbrug Research

    Other businesses

    The Royal Barenbrug Group is the world's leading turf and forage grass seed and legumes company.

  • Beemster Arboretum

    Arboretum / pinetum

    The 6.5 ha arboretum consists of two parts, a systematic and a geographic part. In the systematic part the species have been planted by botanic genus. The geographic part consist of groups of trees...

  • Biesbosch Museum Werkendam


    The Biesbosch Museum, located in National Park Biesbosch, informs on the history and formation of the area, the various crafts that were practised using the materials harvested in the area, the...

  • Biochron


    As part of the Emmen Zoo the Biochron Museum tells the history of life on earth. You will come face to face with animals which existed hundreds of millions of years ago.

  • Biomedical Primate Research Centre

    Applied research institute

    BPRC is a scientific research institute that exists to perform vital research that contributes to the identification and development of new medicines. BPRC is committed to using non-human primates...

  • Botanical Garden 'Dr. Costerus'

    Botanical garden

    The botanical garden "Dr. Costerus", commonly known as Costerustuin, has been named after Dr. Jan Costerus, who lived from 1849 to 1938. He was a biology teacher and later director of the 1st HBS in...