NLBIF maintains a database in which all major Dutch biodiversity data owning organisations are represented. Information is stored on the nature and objectives of the organisation as well as their basic contact information and whether they provide data to GBIF or not. In due time organisations can provide meta-data about the datasets that they own in the same database. Dutch organisations that want to be part of this database, or want to change the current information on their organisation, should contact: NLBIF info.

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  • Botanical Garden De Dreijen

    Arboretum / pinetum

    A few years ago, Arboretum De Dreijen, also known as the little arboretum, has become part of sculpture gallery Het Depot, situated inside a historical mansion opposite the garden's entrance. The...

  • Botanical Garden Elsloo

    Botanical garden

    The Botanical Garden Elsloo is part of the Elsloo section of IVN (a Dutch institution for nature education and sustainability). Its ca. 1 ha area contains more than 100 plant beds. Shrubs and trees...

  • Botanical Garden Rotterdam

    Botanical garden

    The site of the Rotterdam Botanical Garden lies in the vicinity of the disappeared estates Jaffa and Jericho at the Oudedijk, Rotterdam, a stone's throw from the only surviving bog lake in the area,...

  • Botanical Garden TU Delft

    Botanical garden

    The Botanic Garden TU Delft is a beautiful and instructive 2.5 ha part of Delfts green area. In former days the garden was known as a 'Culture Garden for Technical Plants', since from of old it...

  • Botanical Gardens University of Utrecht

    Botanical garden

    The Utrecht Botanical Gardens are part of Utrecht University and lie at the heart of the university campus De Uithof. The gardens, more than 7 ha, were created on and around the 19th century fortress...

  • Brabants Landschap

    Landscape management

    Brabants Landschap protects nature. From 1932 onwards, Brabants Landschap fights for the cause of conserving natural and landscape beauty in the Dutch province of Brabant. At the moment, it owns and...

  • Brabants Landschap

    Landscape management

    Brabants Landschap cares for the nature and landscape in the province of Noord-Brabant.

  • Bureau Mulder-natuurlijk

    Green consultancy

    Bureau Mulder-natuurlijk is a one-man agency specialised in consulting on, researching and managing mammalian predators, e.g. foxes, badgers, pine marten and other mustelids, raccoon dogs and cats....

  • Burgers' Zoo

    Zoo / aquarium

    In Burgers' Zoo the animals are part of a bigger entity: the ecosystem. The animals show their natural behaviour because they are housed in a true-to-nature environment. In Burgers' Bush, the worlds...

  • CARMABI Foundation

    Academic research institute

    Caribbean Research and Management of Biodiversity (CARMABI) is a non-profit foundation on the island of Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean, originally established in 1955 as a marine research institute (the...