NLBIF maintains a database in which all major Dutch biodiversity data owning organisations are represented. Information is stored on the nature and objectives of the organisation as well as their basic contact information and whether they provide data to GBIF or not. In due time organisations can provide meta-data about the datasets that they own in the same database. Dutch organisations that want to be part of this database, or want to change the current information on their organisation, should contact: NLBIF info.

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  • Working Group European Orchids KNNV

    Nature study

    The Working Group European Orchids of the KNNV (Royal Dutch Natural History Society) dedicates itself to studying and protecting the European orchid species and their habitats.

  • Working Group Grasses and Grass-like plants KNNV

    Nature study

    The Working Group Grasses and Grass-like plants of the KNNV (Royal Dutch Natural History Society) studies grasses and grass-like plants, e.g. rushes and sedges.

  • World Wildlife Fund-Netherlands

    International NGO

    World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is an independent international organisation, which works worldwide for the conservation and restoration of nature and the protection of the animals and plants that live in...

  • Zeeuws Museum


    The Zeeuws Museum has over 30,000 art treasures that recall Zeeland’s past. The varied collection includes the famous Zeeland tapestries and the historical collection of the Royal Zeeland Scientific...

  • Zoo Parc Overloon

    Zoo / aquarium

    Zoo Parc Overloon is a natural animal park including a botanical garden, in the village of Overloon, province of Brabant. The park greatly values nature conservation and works actively to conserve...