NLBIF maintains a database in which all major Dutch biodiversity data owning organisations are represented. Information is stored on the nature and objectives of the organisation as well as their basic contact information and whether they provide data to GBIF or not. In due time organisations can provide meta-data about the datasets that they own in the same database. Dutch organisations that want to be part of this database, or want to change the current information on their organisation, should contact: NLBIF info.

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  • DoeZoo Insektenwereld

    Zoo / aquarium

    In "DoeZoo Insektenwereld" you enter the insect world. Besides insects there are also insectivorous animals and plants. For example spiders, coati, lizards, frogs, hedgehogs, etc. Moreover, you can...

  • Dolfinarium Harderwijk

    Zoo / aquarium

    Since the opening in 1965, Dolfinarium Harderwijk has developed into a unique theme park. The largest sea animal park of Europe offers an impressive collection of sea animals, including dolphins,...

  • Dutch Association for Dendrology

    Nature study

    The Dutch Association for Dendrology (Nederlandse Dendrologische Vereniging, NDV) brings into contact tree amateurs and professionals alike. Much can be learned from one another about woody plants'...

  • Dutch Botanic Gardens Foundation

    Umbrella organisation collections

    The National Plant Collection (NPC) is a scientifically managed living plant collection in which the separate components are jointly maintained by the participating botanic gardens. The NPC consists...

  • Dutch Botanical Gardens Association

    Umbrella organisation collections

    The Dutch Botanical Gardens Association (NVBT) is an association of Dutch botanical Gardens, founded in 1998. All members of the NVBT aim at contributing to the conservation of botanical diversity....

  • Dutch Bryological and Lichenological Society

    Nature study

    The Dutch Bryological and Lichenological Society (BLWG), a section of the KNNV (Royal Dutch Natural History Society, the Dutch society for field biology), was founded in 1946, binding together all...

  • Dutch Butterfly Conservation

    Species protecting organisation

    Dutch Butterfly Conservation is a nature conservation organisation promoting the conservation and restoration of the butterfly and dragonfly fauna in The Netherlands and Europe. In this, its staff...

  • Dutch Hunting Museum


    The Dutch Hunting Museum is housed in the south wing of Doorwerth castle, Gelderland province. Its related foundation aims to show all facets of the role hunting has played and currently plays in...

  • Dutch Malacological Society

    Nature study

    Malacology is the study of molluscs: sea slugs, snails and bivalves, land snails, fresh water molluscs, squids, etc. The aim of the NMV, which was founded in 1934, is to promote the study of molluscs...

  • Dutch Mammal Society

    Species protecting organisation

    The Dutch Mammal Society was founded in 1952 as a platform for anyone interested in mammology and mammal conservation. Gradually, the society has developed into a professional organisation bringing...