NLBIF maintains a database in which all major Dutch biodiversity data owning organisations are represented. Information is stored on the nature and objectives of the organisation as well as their basic contact information and whether they provide data to GBIF or not. In due time organisations can provide meta-data about the datasets that they own in the same database. Dutch organisations that want to be part of this database, or want to change the current information on their organisation, should contact: NLBIF info.

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  • Dutch Mycological Society

    Nature study

    The Dutch Mycological Society (NMV) was founded on 17 October 1908 with the aim to promote mycology. The Society currently counts almost 900 members, occupying themselves with mycology on different...

  • Dutch National Passionflower Collection

    Botanical garden

    The Dutch National Passionflower Collection (NCP) of Cor Laurens has grown into a collection unique in the world, housing about 240 different species and hybrids. NCP aims to include as many of the...

  • Dutch Ornithological Union

    Nature study

    The Dutch Ornithological Union (NOU) is an association for amateur and professional bird researchers and aims to promote interaction and knowledge transfer between the two groups. The association is...

  • Dutch Plant Collections

    Umbrella organisation collections

    Dutch Plant Collections (NPC) is an umbrella organisation of which the main aim is to establish and maintain plant collections for comparative purposes. Currently, almost 100 collections are member...

  • Dutch Zoo Federation

    Umbrella organisation collections

    The Dutch Zoo Federation founded in 1966 is the umbrella organisation for Dutch zoos. Member zoos collaborate closely in the fields of education, recreation, nature protection and research.

  • EUCC - The Coastal Union

    Nature conservation

    EUCC - The Coastal Union dedicates itself to coast and sea and integration of conservation and development. It is active in all of Europe, including The Netherlands.

  • Ecomare

    Zoo / aquarium

    Ecomare: Centre for the Wadden and North Sea. In EcoMare you can get to know everything concerning the nature on Texel, the Wadden Sea area and the North Sea, and the human influence in these areas....

  • Emmen Zoo

    Zoo / aquarium

    Emmen Zoo aims to involve visitors into living nature in a pleasant, leisurely manner. It is unique in offering a combination of often large groups of animals, pleasant vegetation and exciting...

  • Environmental Data Compendium

    Governmental research institute

    Facts and figures about nature and the environment clearly presented. Is the greenhouse effect still worsening and what are the consequences for nature? Where in the Netherlands is an accident most...

  • Epiphytic Plant Research and Information Center

    Botanical garden

    The Epiphytic Plant Research and Information Center (EPRIC) was founded in February 1997, having the following objectives: 1. To maintain the natural habitats of epiphytic plants such as epiphytic...