Mobilization of biodiversity data from Ukraine to GBIF

Onderwerp: Infrastructuur
Titel: Mobilization of biodiversity data from Ukraine to GBIF
Partner: Zoogdiervereniging / Habitat Foundation
Projectleider: Svetlana Miteva
Projectcode: nlbif2018.2019.004

Abstract: With this project, The Habitat Foundation, addresses the need in boosting Ukraine’s capacity to mobilize biodiversity data and to publish in to GBIF. To improve the access to biodiversity data for Ukraine, the project will assist the deployment of Living Atlases software linking the first online portal for biodiversity information in Ukraine (UkrBIN) and facilitating the mobilisation and publication of more data. Building on the Dutch expertise and using the Living Atlases open source software (LA) and technical support, the project will assist Ukraine in (1) improving the interface and functionality of the existing UkrBIN portal, (2) developing an open access mobile app for registering biodiversity observations, and (3) digitizing Ukrainian biodiversity collections, incorporating Darwin Core as data standard, allowing to unlock data to GBIF; currently over 138,000 species occurrence records, containing observations for at least 577 species and the additional at least 30,000 digitized records from biodiversity collection. This project and its products will substantially increase the amount of Ukrainian biodiversity data available in GBIF, promote biodiversity science and conservation in Ukraine, boost data mobilization, citizen involvement, public awareness, identification of areas of biodiversity conservation importance.