Biodiversiteit nieuws

Op deze pagina presenteerd NLBIF een selectie van nationaal en internationaal biodiversiteitnieuws afkomstig van verschillende nieuws-sites, de berichten worden gefilterd op basis van relevantie voor biodiversiteit en wetenschap.

  • 'Tiddlers' become evolutionary models

    16 / 10 / 2013, Earth Times Environment

    Do sticklebacks become larger when they invade the low salinity of freshwater, or do limited resources cause them to become smaller? Both answers are correct, apparently!© The Earth Times.

  • No Safe Havens in Increasingly Acid Oceans

    16 / 10 / 2013, IPS News Environment

    Because many deep-sea ecosystems are so stable, even small changes in temperature, oxygen, and pH may lower the resilience of deep-sea communities. Credit: Courtesy NOAA HURL ArchivesBy Stephen...

  • Publications: No bias behind pollinator research

    16 / 10 / 2013, Nature - Current issues

    We disagree with Ian Boyd's implication that bias may have influenced the commissioning and publication of research on pollinator declines (Nature501, 159–160; 201310.1038/501159a).Our paper on...

  • Biodiversity: Safeguard species in warming flatlands

    16 / 10 / 2013, Nature - Current issues

    To protect the biodiversity of flatlands against the effects of climate change (M. W. Tingleyet al. Nature500, 271–272; 2013), we need strategies to buy time for species to adapt to warmer...

  • The earliest known holometabolous insects

    16 / 10 / 2013, Nature - Current issues

    The Eumetabola (Endopterygota (also known as Holometabola) plus Paraneoptera) have the highest number of species of any clade, and greatly contribute to animal species biodiversity. The...

  • Sicilian Town Opposes U.S. Transmitters

    15 / 10 / 2013, IPS News Environment

    The MUOS antennas in the cork forest in Niscemi. Credit: Courtesy of Fabio D'AlessandroBy Silvia GiannelliLUCCA, Italy, Oct 15 2013 (IPS) Niscemi, with its 30,000 local residents and its white...

  • New Species of Giant Amazonian Fish

    15 / 10 / 2013, CBD

    Oct. 14, 2013 - A new species of the giant fish arapaima has been discovered from the central Amazon in Brazil, raising questions about what other species remain to be discovered and highlighting...

  • Can science stop invasion of the giant killer slugs?

    12 / 10 / 2013, The Guardian

    Experts seek help from the public to monitor the spread of a voracious Spanish slug that poses a major threat to Britain's plantsThe gardens and fields of Britain were saved from a grim invasion...

  • Barroso is sacrificing environment law for short-term political gain

    11 / 10 / 2013, Euractiv

    Masqueraded as a move to cut red tape for business, the European Commission's 'Refit - Fit for Growth' scheme appears to have environmental regulation firmly in its sights, write authors...

  • Africa Record Temperatures Set to Reach Tropics First

    11 / 10 / 2013, Africa News

    Tropical regions will be the first to experience unprecedented climate change, leading to significant upheaval for biodiversity and communities, according to a study published in Nature today....